Art of Drawing Part II: Creating Illusions of Depth Pkg

Art of Drawing Part II: Creating Illusions of Depth Pkg


In The Art of Drawing, Part I, master artist and educator Larry Gluck teaches you how to accurately create lines and shapes, and how to correctly proportion the elements of your subject so that you can draw anything in two dimensions.

Building upon those essential principles, in The Art of Drawing Part II, he teaches you how to make your drawings spring to life in three dimensions.

Here you will learn vital skills, including: how to shade, depict light sources, highlights and shadows, and how to refine your work so your pictures come alive.

Product Description

Unlock your full artistic potential!

What you get All the materials you need to get started right away. The quality of your tools is vital to your success on this course. That’s why we’ve only included premium quality art supplies.

Incidentally, the supplies we provide as part of this package would cost you more if you were to buy them separately. Here’s what you’ll receive:

• The Art of Drawing, Part II, DVD
• 108-page workbook
• 12 x 18 inch charcoal pad
• Five sticks of vine charcoal
• One jumbo charcoal stick
• One compressed charcoal stick
• One stick of white pastel
• Kneaded Eraser
• Pencil Box

How long does it take? Because individuals progress at varying speeds, it is difficult to accurately estimate course length. But for a rough estimate, if you complete two or three lessons a day, the whole course could take as little as two weeks.

What if I get stuck? In case you need help, you can use our online Instructor Help Form and a qualified instructor will assist you.

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