Art of Drawing Part I: Essential Skills for Lifelike Drawing Pkg

Art of Drawing Part I: Essential Skills for Lifelike Drawing Pkg


Until now, sketching and drawing were pastimes only for the gifted few, or less fortunate souls who spent years learning by trial and error. But now virtually anyone can learn how to draw with The Art of Drawing.

The Art of Drawing is the world’s first home study course to utilize The Gluck Method – a revolutionary process of fine art instruction which teaches the underlying principles of sketching and drawing.

Never before have these principles been so carefully and completely laid out in an easy- to-learn, step-by-step approach. And never before have they been available to anyone with a passion to learn.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • The Art of Drawing, Part I, DVD
  • 147-page workbook
  • Drawing pad
  • Artist’s charcoal pencils
  • Sanding Pad
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Plumb line
  • Pencil Box



Product Description

Unlock your full artistic potential!

With The Art of Drawing – Part 1; Essential Skills for Life-like Drawing package you get all the materials you need to get started right away. The quality of your tools is vital to your success on this course. That’s why we’ve only included premium quality art supplies.

How long does it take? Because individuals progress at varying speeds, it is difficult to accurately estimate course length. But for a rough estimate, if you complete two or three lessons a day, the whole course could take as little as two weeks.

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