Art of Drawing for Kids Complete Package

Art of Drawing for Kids Complete Package


What You Get:

  • Three color DVDs (nearly 3 hours of instructional lessons)
  • Project Book
  • Strathmore Drawing Pad
  • Set of 24 Non-toxic, Color Pastels
  • 2 Berol Wrapped Charcoal Pencils
  • Design Kneaded Eraser
  • Pencil Case


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Product Description

Learning How to Draw and Paint is Fun and Easy!

The Art of Drawing for Kids is a series of DVD programs based on the world-renowned Gluck Method of fine art instruction, a breakthrough method that has enabled tens of thousands of children to draw and paint since 1985.

Until now, “The Method” has been taught exclusively to students attending classes at Mission: Renaissance – The World’s Largest Fine Art Program. Today, with the release of The Art of Drawing for Kids, this innovative program is available to children everywhere.

Students draw while following a series of clear, step-by-step demonstrations delivered by a highly trained and caring instructor, Melissa Zafarana. Each lesson builds upon the other as students learn how to bring their drawings to life using an array of non-toxic pastel colors and easy to understand painting techniques.

The Art of Drawing for Kids isn’t another copying, tracing or “paint by numbers” program. In short, it really teaches kids how to draw and paint.

You’ll see immediate results as your child progresses through each of the lessons and their finished pictures will be nothing short of amazing!

The Art of Drawing for Kids makes learning how to draw fun and easy. Your children will have endless hours of creative enjoyment while developing skills that will last a lifetime!


Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

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