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The Importance Of Art Education

The importance of art education has never been so undermined as today. The current global economic condition has prompted cutbacks, privately and publicly. Among the most noticeable being in arts education, where state and local governments are eliminating everything from music and visual arts to drama.

“California states that the arts are core to a good education and are as important as science, literature, math and history. The new brain research bears out the crucial importance of education in the arts. This is something we've known all our lives.

Now, because of the budget crisis in the state, LAUSD has decided to cut the entire arts education program. They have a 50% scheduled cut this year with the remaining budget to be cut the following year. We in public education are facing enormous cuts in our budgets but no other major program is faced with annihilation.”

Studies conducted by respected institutions on the value of the arts in education show that those involved in “the arts” out perform their peers by virtually every measure. These are conclusive facts not fabrications or estimates.

Among the numerous results it was proven that students involved in the arts have:

14% higher fluency
16% higher originality
19% higher resistance to quitting or giving up
25% higher creativity
27% higher imagination
28% higher expression
30% higher elaboration

Notably it was found that students possessed 23.125% higher thinking capacity when they were involved in the arts.

How important is a visual arts education? Consider for a moment that the world we live in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, our home, our appliances, were all designed by artists long before ever becoming a reality.

Art education is an investment which guarantees a lifelong return.

We are ready today, just as we’ve been since 1975, to continue our tradition of providing your family with the best in fine art education. Where will your child receive their art education?

Mission: Renaissance, The World’s Leader in Fine Art Instruction.


Benefits of art as concluded by the:
Champions of Change, The impact of the arts on learning
Edited by: Edward B. Fiske
Funded by:
The GE Fund & The John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation





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